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Military Branches Making Fun of Other Branches

I was an Army Ranger and I have a lot of pride in what I did in the Army. Every veteran and active duty soldier should have the same kind of pride in their branch of military service. What is it though with the inter-branch competition? The Army makes fun of the Airforce. The Airforce makes fun of the Army. The Marine Corps makes fun of the Navy. The Navy makes fun of the Marine Corps. All branches poke fun at the Coast Guard.

I guess it's because of all this macho testosterone thing all of us military veterans have. No unit is more successful than our unit is.  No other soldier is more high speed than we are. No other branch is better to be in than our branch of the military. I met a marine one time and to here him talk about his time in the marines I assumed he was a force recon marine or something like that. I later learned that he was just in the office pushing papers.

We all want to be tough. We think our branch of military is better than the other branches. We laugh ...we make jokes. We do these things and say these things all in good fun. Every MOS/job in the military serves a purpose. Every military branch plays an important role in defending our country.

When push comes to shove we stand united. The United States of America has the greatest military in the world.

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