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My Time As A Homeless Veteran

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Have you ever heard somebody say don’t get me started? I get really fired up when I hear somebody complaining about what they don’t have and not being thankful for what they do have. I mean I catch myself sometimes complaining about how small my house is now or how I wish I had a new motorcycle. I then start thinking about when I was a homeless veteran, sleeping on the streets of Jacksonville, FL.


                As a homeless veteran I had nowhere comfortable to sleep other than my small compact car on some nights. I was always hungry and had little to no food to eat. I used a water bottle to shave my face. When I could I gave myself a bath in the sink at a rest stop off of the interstate. It really sucked living on the streets as a homeless veteran in a big city, because I have severe PTSD so I was constantly looking over my shoulder, watching my six, worried about my safety. There is a lot of crime and drugs on the streets.


                So now I sit here reflecting on what I have and I realize that is a lot more than what I had when I was homeless veteran. I feel ashamed for complaining about stuff now. I encourage you to do the same. When you feel yourself complaining, stop, take a moment to reflect. Think about it…right now while you are complaining in the comfort of your home there is a homeless veteran out there struggling.

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