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Rally Point Apparel Supports Combat Veterans

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Rally Point Apparel is a Veteran Owned Business. At Rally Point Apparel we sell custom designed military shirts. My name is Chad Childers and I am a veteran and the owner here at Rally Point Apparel. At Rally Point Apparel we are proud supporters of today’s U.S. Military and the veterans of times past. We seek to raise awareness to the issues that combat veterans face through our industry leading custom designed military shirts.


Rally Point Apparel military shirts come with a built in sense of pride. When you wear one of our military shirts you show your support, as a proud American, for the men and women in the military. Rally Point Apparel donates a portion of every sale to help homeless veterans, military families in need, and combat veterans suffering with PTSD.


Helping homeless veterans is an issue that is personally near and dear to my heart. About four years ago I ended up being a homeless veteran myself sleeping on the streets of Jacksonville, FL. I struggled with alcoholism trying to cope with my PTSD issues and as a result of that I ended up losing everything I had. Rally Point Apparel donates a lot of time to the Five Star Veterans Center in Jacksonville, FL. This is the veterans’ shelter where I stayed when I was recovering.


Through counseling and peer support groups I am still working through a lot of the issues I face on a daily basis with PTSD and TBI. I encourage every combat veteran, having these problems, to seek help. Don’t try and tackle PTSD and TBI alone. It will cause you and everyone around you a lot of problems.


Rally Point Apparel is way more than just a cool military shirt company. We are all veterans. We care about our fellow soldiers and veterans.


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