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Thank Our Vietnam Vets

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I am a former Army Ranger. I was deployed to Afghanistan in 2002 and then to Iraq in 2003. So I have no first-hand knowledge of the Vietnam War. My education came from reading books, watching documentaries, and other media sources. I have had the pleasure of getting to speak with many Vietnam veterans myself, because I am a member of several veteran organizations. Also, my uncle was a Vietnam veteran.

I have the utmost respect for all Vietnam vets regardless of their branch of service or their MOS. From the stories I’ve heard from Vietnam veterans, Vietnam was a very harsh environment. I know it was hot when I was in the Middle East, but to be in the jungles of Vietnam the humidity had to be horrible. I am from a different era of combat warriors than that of Vietnam Vets. When I was in the Army we had state of the art weaponry and technology on our side.

In Vietnam there was no state of the art anything. Most of the fighting done in Vietnam was grunt work with a man and his gun. These battles were fought over very treacherous terrain as well as fought in very harsh conditions. It rained a lot in Vietnam. How miserable that must have been to constantly have to fight all wet in the rain like Vietnam Veterans had to do.

I can’t say thank you enough to all Vietnam veterans. Thanks, for what you did for your country. And thank you for paving the way for the veterans of today. I receive a lot of the benefits I have through the VA because Vietnam veterans fought for the benefits they deserved. 

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